Capreolus capreolus handmade paracord camera strap


    The roe deer is the wolf’s prey. Its life is a constant balance between survival and death. It was the inspiration for our survival camera strap.


    All INDAGATIO products – from its design to final manufacturing – are proudly of 100% Portuguese origin. All products are personalized by founders, with three hand-sewn red thread crosses and a manual serial number that makes them unique and exclusive.  


      Animals that share their territory with predators, do not live, they survive. This is the case of the roe deer when in wolf territory. It is a shy and elusive animal, quickly appearing and disappearing among the vegetation.

      Our camera strap was inspired by it. It is a piece for everyday life, but in case of survival it can be an essential aid, as it can hold up to 230 kilos and has a number of additional features. The internal composing threads can also be picked apart when a thinner thread is required, for example to be used as a sewing thread or fishing line in a survival situation. Cable ends may be melted to prevent wear.

      The Paracord 550 was developed for parachutes used in World War II by US troops.


      Ø 550 parachute cord

      Ø Cord shell is braided from 32 strands and inside is made up of seven two-ply yarns.

      Ø Thickness: 4mm

      Ø Strength: 352 kg (Laudo Falcão Bauer)

      Ø Weight: 10 grams / meter


      100% nylon

      How to care 

      The care and cleaning of your strap is a very simple process. Ensure this minimum of care and your paracord will serve you well for years to come. Soak your strap in warm and soapy water. Scrub gently with a toothbrush and let air dry.

      Handmade in Portugal


      Each handmade camera strap is produced according to orders. The lead time is an average of two weeks. Product will ship approximately 12 days after purchase.