I - the beginning

INDAGATIO, a Latin word. Translates to: “the search”.

It was the best way I could find to express my need to be in the woods. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, or how far I would have to go. I had the vague idea that my inspiration was the Iberian wolf, Canis lupus signatus, but I somehow felt that I wanted to find something more than the wolf.
I added the word INDAGATIO to a stylized drawing of a wolf's head ... and created the logo.

Indagatio | Welcome to the wolf pack

It was for a long time just a symbol, a mark representing something I could not even define. It was nothing more than an Instagram account where I shared photographs of the forests and animals I met on my explorations, as well as drawings I made depicting Portuguese fauna.

At that time in life, with a job that was completely different from what I had ever expected, there were many Fridays when I went straight from work to the mountains, stayed there, and returned directly to work on Monday mornings. I mostly went to Peneda Gerês National Park, where I pondered and wondered what I wanted to do next and what would the best for me be, personally and professionally.

Indagatio | Welcome to the wolf pack | Co founder Pedro Caldas

INDAGATIO was just a vague idea then, until one day, Patrícia entered the scene and together we understood and decided that, among many other things, INDAGATIO would also have to be a clothing brand: a Portuguese brand delivering mountain items, but whose elegance would make them attractively fit to be used in the city. Products created for those, like the two of us, who live within nature (and not for those who just visit it).

Indagatio | Welcome to the wolf pack | Co founder Patricia Mendes

Thus, INDAGATIO is the materialization of a dream, the means to try and find a way to be in perfect balance with nature.
We are inspired by the protagonists of the rural exodus, the explorers of other times, those who knew how to value the essential material goods. We learn from experience and time what materials work best, and we associate the beauty of simplicity with quality. These teachings came from villages to the city, with products designed and executed to be timeless, with the goal of being handed over between generations.

"Embrace yourself within the forest to the point where you feel lost. There is no greater experience."

It is in this sentence that I summarize what I feel. What I learned from the times I got lost in the woods and how I rejoiced as I found my way home.

Pedro Caldas


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