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About us

We are a Portuguese brand that designs apparel to be used in the mountains but boasts an elegant fit for urban living. 
INDAGATIO is a Latin word meaning: the Search. Inquire, question, investigate. For us, it became a constant search for a way to be in perfect balance with nature. We have learned from experience which fabrics work best together, constantly striving to merge quality with simplicity in what has been a tireless quest for perfection.

Inspired on the key characters of the rural exodus, on the explorers of the past, on those who valued the essential material assets, pursuing the quality that could last for future generations.

Our roots

I have always been drawn to Nature. The thickness of the woods, the smell of the pines, the rustling of the fallen leaves, the tracks of the animals… Somehow there was a calling to embrace myself within the forest to the point where I would feel lost. There was no greater experience.

As I grew older, I continued to study and contemplate the wild, and, with time, Nature became part of me. I would visit the woods, but when I returned home to the bustle of the city, the woods lingered, deep within me. Indagatio, is the materialization of that feeling, an organic extension of myself and the nature that surrounds us, embedded in each and every product that we design.

It was for a long time just a symbol, a mark representing something I could not even define. It was nothing more than an Instagram account where I shared photographs of the forests and animals I met on my explorations, as well as drawings I made depicting Portuguese fauna. INDAGATIO was just a vague idea then, until one day, Patrícia entered the scene and together we understood and decided that, among many other things, INDAGATIO would also have to be a clothing brand: a Portuguese brand delivering mountain items, but whose elegance would make them attractively fit to be used in the city. Products created for those, like the two of us, who live within nature and not for those who just visit it.

designed to be timeless

with matching quality that makes them prevail, inciting their balanced consumption.

Nature and its balance are our inspiration. From choosing raw materials to their production, our goal is to minimize the environmental impact, effortlessly working consciously and sustainably, reducing the only footprint prejudicial to our planet: humankind.

We exist for those who are bold enough to follow the wolf’s track and respond to nature’s loving call

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