DEAR WOLF | Indagatio partnership

DEAR WOLF | Indagatio partnership

Dear Wolf was formed in 2014 by a group of friends and biologists motivated by a simple and clear mission (and passion): To contribute to bringing society and wildlife together in harmony by offering a range of playful, educational and technical products based on best practices and scientific knowledge. The very name of the enterprise reveals two specific objectives: Debunking old myths and paradigms by embracing a new approach – irreverent and modern but founded on ancestral ecological systems - to understanding wildlife; and  the challenge of reaching and integrating an international audience. Naturally and due to the professional experience of the partners, this organization is mostly centered on activities focusing on the large Iberian mammals, namely the wolf. This animal figures prominently in much of its communication and contributes in great part to its thematic portfolio, which nonetheless never ignores and reveals holistically all the biodiversity of the fauna and flora of the forest. 

In the commercial area, the company is divided into 3 sectors of activity that often merge and overlap given the nature of its products: nature tourism (interpretation of the natural environment and wildlife observation/ visitation – activities closely associated with the northern and central mountain and forest territories of Portugal), training (regular courses and workshops mostly centered on Iberian wildlife) and technical-scientific consultancy (eg conducting wildlife studies and monitoring projects, supporting the production of technical-scientific content for other entities). We intend to continue on the path we have followed so far, one of sustainable growth marked by innovation and cooperation with public and private entities.

DEAR WOLF | Indagatio partnership

At Dear Wolf, we believe that nature & wildlife experiences are all about an overall feeling that brings you joy, learning & relaxing times. It's not about species x, y nor z. You'll get it. Come along!

That is why they are also an INDAGATIO partnership.


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