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Inspired by the past, made for the future. From Portugal with love.

Flávio Leão | Indagatio ambassador

From his house in Amares, leaning against the mountains, one could smell the Geresian peaks that had attracted him since his early youth.

The hunger of his gaze for the mountain peaks, from an early age he demanded that his legs do, what his soul wanted.

He thus became passionate about the mountains and, more specifically, the nooks and crannies of the mountains of the Peneda-Gerês National Park.

Over the years, his relentless search for the charms that can only be reached from the top has extended to other mountainous areas, such as the Picos de Europa, Gredos, Alps and with particular emphasis on the Pyrenees, where he has been climbing its highest and most emblematic peaks, having also started on truly alpine adventures.

His passion for the unparalleled aesthetics of natural spaces, along with the taste and pleasure with which he portrays the beauty of the inhospitable terrain he explored, later led him to become enraptured by the Indagatio image.

Also for this reason, our brand could not fail to have this immense “M” Mountaineer as its ambassador. 

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