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Inspired by the past, made for the future. From Portugal with love.

Keychain Alytes obstetricans

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From its design to final manufacturing, all products are proudly made in Portugal.

Designed to be timeless, with matching quality that makes them last a lifetime, inciting, in this way, to a balanced and prudent consumption.

It is made from high-quality leather that, for sure, will last longer than a lifetime. Light and resistant, it is ideal for carrying your keys around daily or during your walks in nature.

The inspiration for this keychain was the midwife toad (Alytes obstetricans) which is the only amphibian in the Portuguese fauna that takes care of its offspring. During the breeding season, the male carries the eggs, and it is this behavior the origin of its common name. When mating, the male wraps strings of eggs around its hindlimbs and can carry up to 95 eggs. It hides in a hole, without food, for weeks until the embryos are developed. At the right moment, it approaches the edge of a pond and rubs the eggs so that the tiny larvae jump into the water, where they become independent of their dad. Like the midwife toad holds its eggs, we want to ensure that you will also keep your keys safe and organized.


Ø Handmade


100% genuine leather

How to care

The proper cleaning of the leather is essential for it to last in its original color and preserve its characteristics without being damaged. We recommend you keep it away from getting wet. When dirty, use a soft, slightly damp cloth over the entire surface; do not leave it to dry in the sun. Please keep it in a dry and ventilated place. 

Handmade in Portugal

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