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How to care

All Indagatio products are designed to last for your lifetime and beyond, eventually forming part of the heritage you pass down to the next generation and enduring over time.
So, the care of our products depends on you.
How to care | Indagatio

Here are some suggestions.

However, if a product is damaged and you cannot find a way to repair it we are always here to help you solve the issue, so feel free to tell us about it.



Wool is a natural primary material sourced from sheep. The sheep from which we get the wool for our products live healthy, peaceful lives. When it is time to shear them, the animals are treated following best practices which prioritize the animals well-being.
Grown naturally and bio-degradable, wool is a material of great quality and unique characteristics.  
Products made of wool provide thermal isolation – warmth in cold climates and freshness under high temperatures.
Wool absorbs great amounts of humidity, allowing for natural evaporation into the air, a characteristic which makes it extremely breathable. It absorbs few odors and resists soiling.


How to care for our wool products

Thanks to its odor and soil resistant properties there is less necessity for frequent washing. There is nothing better than at the end of the day placing them in a cool place to air.  Another good idea is to let the products absorb the steam from a bath and then hang them out in the fresh air to dry naturally.
If just a small area needs cleaning it is best to hand wash only that area, thus preserving the garment, as well as saving energy, time and resources.
If, however this is not enough, wash the garment by hand.
Do not let the garment soak for too long. Lift it and squeeze the water out various times and pat dry with a towel. You should never twist the garment. Set it to dry in its natural shape.

How to care | Indagatio
As a last resort, you can opt for a washing machine. Always use a gentle detergent or one specific for wool, at a low temperature and low power. Wool is made of natural proteins and common detergents may destroy the amino acids of the fibers and remove the wool’s natural lanoline. This makes the fibers weaker and drier and may lead to holes. 
It cannot be said enough, always leave the garments to air-dry, ideally laid flat (so as not to lose their shape) and never in a dryer. This could cause shrinkage and pilling.


How to store your wool garments

Store your wool garments in a place far from sunlight, well ventilated and out of the reach of insects and moths.
How to care | Indagatio

Pilling is a natural consequence of wool fiber, and will occur in the areas of the garment subject to the greatest amount of friction. The best way of treating the pills is to remove them regularly as they appear. A good tool for this is a razor blade. Gently shave the affected area – back and forth, never applying too much pressure.    And that’s it, care for your garments well, with tenderness and love. If they make you feel happy when you use them your descendants will use them with pride.



Leather originates from the skin of animals and has a set of physical and aesthetic characteristics which offer a high degree of durability and stability under climatic variations. In addition, it ages beautifully. The correct cleaning of leather is fundamental to ensuring it retains its original color and suffers no damage. Avoid wetting the products and when they are soiled wipe all their surface with a soft, lightly dampened cloth. Set them to dry in the shade.  Store them in a cool, ventilated place.
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